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Established in 2023 by 3 Native Vermonters, True 802 Cannabis was built on the idea that a cannabis dispensary in Vermont should have a similar driving goal as other niche Vermont industries: it should be a comfortable space for people to connect, not only with the product, but also with the community that supplies the product.

At True 802 Cannabis, our mission is to provide more than just an enjoyable experience using cannabis. We want our customers to know their farmers, to understand how each farm produces their cannabis products, and to be able to take their knowledge anywhere and use it to make informed decisions for their own well being and satisfaction.

In keeping with that goal, we source our products from small farms who prioritize quality and the artistry behind growing the most fire cannabis available.

Our staff is experienced and highly knowledgeable and eager to share information.  We also price our inventory with the tax included, “Out the Door Pricing,” so that our customers are met at the register with the price they expect.

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True to the Consumer, True to the Farmer, True to the Art  

22 steps and 1 Flight up, for a more enjoyable consumer experience.

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Big Foot Glue

BFG is a hybrid cannabis strain made by crossing Humboldt Headband with GG4. This strain is uplifting and is a high that all smokers can enjoy – from novice to expert. BFG has big, fluffy nuggets that are light green and purple. The aroma on this strain is pungent and piney.

$20 per gram

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